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Do you ever feel in a crunch for time when it comes to working out? Your regular 90 minute or even 60 minute session is just… not… going… to happen.

We’ve got the answer! At hotyogaU we are on the pulse of what makes sense when it comes your fitness. We are proud to be the first Hot studio in the valley to create and offer 45 and 60 minute yoga classes that have changed the way Arizona practices hot yoga.
The ORIGINAL HOTFIIT® a High Intensity 30 minute workout, combining yoga, fun, extreme fitness and Tai Chi all in one hot studio. HOTFIIT will boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours after you finish and burn and average of between 350-510 calories, depending on your effort, current body weight, gender, and lean muscle mass.

High Intensity Interval Training, also known as the Tabata Protocol, was named after Dr Izumi Tabata, after he studied and worked out the optimum protocol of the Japanese speed skating team’s workout. The technique involves short bursts of intense training, where you give 100% effort, followed by equally short recovery periods. Elevate your heart rate, so you burn more fat in less time. We all live in a time crunch, right? HOTFIIT tm is the solution. We’ve combined the meditative and restorative benefits of yoga and high-intensity moves to increase the body’s need for oxygen, creating an after-burn effect known as ‘Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC)’, which helps your body to burn more fat and calories after your workout.

HOTFIIT® will challenge you and push you to your edge.
More benefits of HOTFIIT®
• improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness
• lower blood pressure
• increase cardiovascular health
• improve insulin sensitivity (which helps the exercising
muscles more readily use glucose for fuel to
make energy)
• lower cholesterol
• core power strengthening and reduce fat and body weight while
maintaining muscle mass.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, HIIT stimulates the production of HGH (human growth hormone) by 450% in the 24 hours after your workout – HGH is said to slow down the ageing process, I think we are all for that!

Requirements: 100 percent effort while listening to your body for amazing results!
Warm up with yoga, take it to your edge with High Intensity Moves and end with an invigorating Martial Arts/Tai Chi cool down, all in 30 minutes.

Research from the University of Copenhagen showed those who exercised 30 minutes a day for 13 weeks lost 40% more weight than those who worked out for an hour each day. Results from the study showed this was partly due to the overwhelming sense of accomplishment from the work out. The workout positively impacted the rest of their day, subconsciously helping make good choices and adopting healthy habits.

Who is this class designed for?
HOTFIIT® is for everyone because everyone can benefit from increased stamina, cardio and respiratory endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Whatever your current level of fitness is, you will see great results from our HOTFIIT classes.

Get hot… Get fit, with HOTFIIT only at Hot Yoga University.

“HOTFIIT tm is amazing, I feel as if I just worked out with my personal trainer!” Brittany N

“I committed to HOTFIIT 3 times a week and I’m already seeing changes in my body in just the first week!” Jenni F

“Brilliant idea, thank you HYU you put everything I love in one place! Carol C