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Clean Fresh Air Room

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you step on to the floor…

You’ll love that first step into the hot room with our new P.E.M. flooring. We are the first Yoga studio in Arizona to offer it. The textured finish reduces slippage and the porous design allows for fast evaporation and a quick dry. Plus, its antimicrobial formula guards against the growth of mildew, fungi, and bacteria.

Our PEM® flooring in the yoga room is specifically designed for use in hot and humid environments. Our Hatha, Hot 90, Hotyasa, along with HOTFIIT® and Iron Sculpt are practiced perfectly on this high tech flooring. You’ll find that PEM® Yoga Flooring is far superior to any other yoga flooring option in the valley. This flooring virtually eliminates odors by solving the moisture problem. With their specially designed looping construction, it allows for high volume air circulation and rapid moisture evaporation.

  • Shock absorbing cushion for less stress on the body and less risk of injury
  • Designed to allow for moisture evaporation, which prevents mildew, fungi and bacteria growth.
  • Porous construction allows ventilation to prevent stagnant water buildup.
  • Non-Porous/Water-proof Material does not absorb water nor stay wet like carpet
  • Contains Micro-Chek® Anti-Microbial, a non-leachable biocide that further guards against the growth of mildew, fungi and bacteria.
  • Does not release particles, filaments, or harmful outgases like carpet, providing a dust-free, less-toxic, and hypoallergenic environment.

PEM Yoga Floor is specifically designed to withstand high heat, moisture and humidity. PEM Yoga Flooring is made out of PVC and is about the same hardness as the bottom of a sneaker. It is shock absorbent and has the perfect density to provide a solid, safe and firm foundation for practicing yoga. PEM Yoga Flooring is an environmental enhancement solution that virtually eliminates odors, moisture problems, and the hazards associated with other toxic flooring products. PEM Yoga Flooring is clean, safe, and hypo-allergenic.With their specially designed looping construction, it allows for high volume air circulation and rapid moisture evaporation. The thermal properties of Yoga Flooring accelerate this evaporation so our floor stays dry. Its special waterproof material does not absorb water nor stay wet, and is specially designed to allow for moisture evaporation, which prevents mildew, fungi and bacteria growth, leaving the room smelling fresh and clean!

The thermal properties of Pem Flooring accelerate this evaporation so your hot yoga studio floor stays dry. We’ve even tested our product for safety to ensure that there is NO out-gassing of any harmful chemicals even at 120 F Degrees. The flooring is sanitized with a highly effective anti-microbial treatment, and it offers constant protection against bacteria. Moreover, the flooring is waterproof and, unlike regular carpet, has a rubber base so sweat and spills never seep all the way through and can be easily extracted.

Our heating and steam humidifier system is scientifically engineered and energy efficient to clarify the air our students breathe. UVC air sanitizers clean the air that is brought in from outside to kill odors, airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), helping to stop the spread of diseases and sicknesses. It makes the air in the yoga room and studio smell fresh and clean while producing ZERO ozone.

Here are some of the features of our studio with DuctSox:

  • Air Porous: Air passing through the fabric may eliminate the risk of condensation and deflect airborne dust from accumulating on DuctSox surfaces.
  • Hygienic: Features include an active antimicrobial agent that inhibits bacteria growth.
  • Easy to Maintain/Clean: A dirty duct (interior) can be a leading contributor to sick building syndrome and human health problems.
  • GREEN Advantages: In addition to having recycled options, other Green advantages include: improved air quality, reduced solid waste, conserved resources, lower construction costs, lower operating costs, improved productivity, comfortable environment, healthy environment.

Our studio employs an Energy Recovery Ventilation System to keep air fresh and mitigate energy waste. It is a balancing act to keep air fresh and ventilated while not wasting energy. Our ventilation system makes it happen. It captures at least 70 percent of the heat or coolness of outgoing air, saving on energy use. It also helps balance the proper circulation of clean, fresh air as well as humidity levels to ensure respiratory passages are never irritated by stale air or too little humidity. The air in the hot room is never recycled, only the heat is. UV Fresh Air produces ionized oxygen molecules that kill airborne bacteria and neutralize odors. Our lungs are able to absorb oxygen more efficiently from clean, ionized air; further enhancing the health and well-being of our students. This is hot yoga evolved.

Last, but not least, we installed carbon dioxide sensors in the hot room to maintain consistent levels of fresh air in the studio. No matter how many people are in class, the atmosphere will never feel oppressive because fresh purified air is constantly cycled into the yoga room.