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Evolved Integrative Method

The Hot Yoga Evolved Integrative Method is a proven system to experience whole health; health of mind, body and spirit.

By shifting the teaching focus from the willful or forceful aspect of Hatha yoga and guiding students to their own inner landscape, stress and tension can be easily released without effort or strain. This subtle shift from Form (physical body) to Formless (Energy body) results in students feeling radiant, whole and complete .

The Hot Yoga Evolved Integrative Method ® aims to help students become aware and awaken the dormant energy that animates the subtle body but is concealed behind the gross human frame, while still receiving the many physical and mental benefits of the practice.

Through the awareness and observation of the lines of energy and third eye integration, students can easily enter this inner dimension of their asana practice while still creating a strong mind and physical body, aligning to enlighten, resulting in a complete mind, body spirit experience.