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Director of Teacher Training Development

E-RYT 200 Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Faculty member and Lead Assistant-Yoga Studies Yoga Teacher Training

Originally from Moline, IL, Effie moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University. After years of being undecided and changing majors she landed her dream job as a makeup artist with M.A.C. Cosmetics in 2006. Needing an outlet and a way to focus on herself, she found Hot Yoga University in 2012.

“When I first started practicing all I was really concerned with was the physical improvements yoga brings. I started to see changes in my body and my energy level increasing so naturally I became hooked. The more I practiced the more I realized that I wanted to practice for so many more reasons than just the physical aspects. Yoga has become a gift, a teacher more or less in my journey through life. To me, yoga is all about dropping fear, overcoming physical and mental limitations, self-acceptance, and realizing anything is possible both on and off the mat.”

Effie soon realized that her passion for yoga went beyond the hot room and wanted to give back to those seeking inner peace and strength so she followed what made my heart beat and completed a 200hr teacher training in 2014. Effie is looking forward to guiding others to be patient with their bodies and kind to their souls as they help her to grow and learn on this beautiful new journey.

“You’ll find more beauty through action, through closing your eyes and feeling, than you ever will through looking.” – Amy Jirsa

March 2019 Functional Approach to Yoga through Yin Weekend Intensive with Paul Grilley

This wonderful weekend intensive reaffirmed our teaching style at HYU and our functional approach to yoga poses. We loved working in awareness to the experience about letting go of the “Perfect Pose” that many teachers strive to get students into. The ultimate limit to every range of motion in yoga is our bones and every body is unique. Everyone has a different range of motion in every pose, so a much better way to approach teaching poses is to adapt a yoga pose to the unique bones and body of each individual. This fundamental insight has helped to change the way asana is taught.