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Originally from Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, Lauren moved to Scottsdale, Arizona for a change of scenery and wanting to be closer to the west after living on the east coast for 27 years. Lauren graduated from Drexel University in 2017, studying Marketing. Full-time, she works for an Environmental Consulting Firm (ERM) doing business development and marketing. She started practicing yoga about 5 years ago in college and stuck with it ever since. She loves getting both the mental and physical workout. You will see her in the studio usually every day if not twice a day.

Lauren became certified in PyroPILATES in May 2018. The class was offered in her hometown and after being a student in the class she quickly grew an appreciation for it through the physical and mental results. The class is a low impact, high intensity workout. Students normally say they feel challenged but also have fun getting a great work out in. The class is great because the format is flexible and any level student can enjoy it while listening to a great playlist.