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I love my weekly Kundalini class. Kundalini yoga is a combination of movement, breath work and chanting that is so healing! Like Karin said last night, ” you feel high from your own breath.” I am so glad I found HotyogaU before i was diagnosed with MS and I am so thankful they offer these non heated classes! I had never done yoga before before starting at HotyogaU and immediately fell in love with it! If you have MS and you’re in the Scottsdale/Tempe/Phoenix area, check them out. And if you’re not, find a studio near you like HYU, that offers Kundalini. -Kiki T

“I’ve been going HYU for a long time and love it. When it came time in class for an advanced pose I’d think…no way, I can not do that! Then one day I decided to try. With a new mindset and support from the RAD HYU instructors ..I’ve achieved my goal and can now get into Side Crow Pose. It’s far from perfect! I get better with practice and have fun with it. Now that I have the courage to achieve my goals inside in yoga, its helping me in my personal life too” .- Zoe T

I wanted to tell yo how amazing the YinNidra class is. The deep stretching Yin, followed by the Yoga Nidra is such a great combination.
I have foound that by taking, mixing up the calsses you offer not only keeps my practice interesting it also reall increaases my strength in all my poses.
Thank you for all the different classes you offer.
Greg M.

Thank you so much for adding the 90 minute Bikram class! Karin was my favorite Bikram teacher and I feel like I’m back home again. Honestly her class goes by so fast! I think it has to do with her classic style, pearls of wisdom and encouraging ways. I’m so happy that I don’t have to listen to barking commands that most Bikram studios seem to encourage. You guys truly do have it all at HYU and I’m glad to be a part of it!
Whoop whoop, 

I have been coming to HYU at least once a week for the last 3-4 months and since starting have not pulled or strained any muscles in my back during my strength training sessions. Because of this I have been more consistent in my workouts and just don’t have the annoying back pain. 
Before coming to HYU, I was pulling or straining muscles in my back almost weekly. 
You guys really do a great job in your Hatha class of explaining the stretches and posture, where other studios that I have been to are just rushing you through the movements and you don’t get a good deep stretch. Anybody with frequent back pain/muscle strain should try this. Thank you, Cory

A studio that embraces you the minute you walk in the door. I felt like I was in a land untouched by commercial yoga; it has the aura of a coffee shop before Starbucks went into acquisition mode. Family atmosphere, everyone genuinely interested in what everyone has to say, this studio has heart. I know many studios try to emulate that but without the passion, it is simply not possible. Thank you, Hot Yoga University, for embracing me when I was drained and needed some time on my mat. 
– Kathy M.

I just finished seeing my doctor for an annual checkup and had some shocking news. Upon reviewing my blood work he looked at me with a bit of a stunned look and said, “I needed to check and be sure I had the correct lab reports here. Your heath and all of your numbers are astounding. What ever you are doing, keep doing it.

“My health hasn’t been horrid but as a 50-something year old man I was always in sort of mid line health. The doctor reports were never “sound the alarm, your going to perish if you don’t change” but neither were they great. Always sort of average “but you need to change some things or there could be trouble ahead.” 

This past year has been tough. Death and big family transitions have made it one I will be glad to have behind me. In the midst this I realized I could at least control one aspect of my life’s circumstances and that was to take good care of my body. I committed to care for myself thru committing to taking my yoga practice to deeper level as a way to really care for myself, and I did. The results physically are obvious from the doctors reports to how I feel. Also the emotional and spiritual health that HYU has quietly fostered has been rich. 

So, this note is to say thank you. Thank you Karin for the place you have created. Thanks that HYU is “spacious” enough for all kinds of people looking for all kinds of things. Thanks for the heart you instill in the studio, the great instructors you draw in, and the ease with which you allow it all to happen naturally. I’m sure there have been lots of challenges in starting and running a business but I’m sure grateful for your work and commitment as its been a huge blessing in my life.
Blessings, Stu G.

Hot Yoga University immediately impacted my life in a profoundly significant way. Owner Karin Fellman and her team of instructors are passionate about helping each student do their best in class, and offer individualized support in a group setting. The instruction is clear and ensures students practice safely, and I really appreciate the encouragement and thoughtful messages throughout each class that also boost mental and emotional capabilities in addition to the challenging physical workouts. I’d encourage anyone looking for mind, body and emotional fulfillment to check out a class and am so thankful I found the studio. 
– Nicki E.

The studio introduced a new sequence in the Iron class. It was hard, but so awesome! I realized as I was sweating and struggling through the class that having people I enjoy practicing with, makes all the difference! I love me fellow yogis! 
– Michelle L.

In the Fall of 2014 I was beginning my second year at ASU and had just moved into my new apartment in Scottsdale. Being a California native, homesickness was nothing new. This time it seemed to take a more serious toll on me and caused me to feel depressed and anxious. I knew it was time to dedicate myself to something that would put my mind at ease. I found Hot Yoga University about 3 weeks into living here and it immediately changed my life in Arizona. The peaceful messages that were taught in every lesson assisted me in finding my inner peace. Setting an intention at the beginning of class is something that I have taught myself to do in my daily life, especially if I’m going through a rough patch of missing home. I am incredibly grateful for Karin Fellman and all of the Hot Yoga University family (instructors and yogis), you all have given me a new happiness and a sense of a family here when I am far from home. Thank you.
Just a couple months ago, I was approached about taking a new position at work. This new job would mean that we would have to move to Colorado. I worried if it would be the right decision for our family and began to worry about every little thing. What I realized through my yoga practice was that I was just afraid; afraid to try new things and afraid to face change. So, I thank all of you. I thank you for unknowingly encouraging me (and all of us) to face our fears. I thank you for providing a space that I could be keep my mind silent and present for just 1 hour a day. In just a few weeks, our family will be moving to Denver and I will miss you HYU!!
– April

Hot Yoga University is a wonderful and unintimidating place for a senior Yogi to practice.
– Joan B

I feel like my emotions are stronger! I have never laughed so hard and cried so easily. It’s good to know that whatever was insulating my feelings is now eliminated from my system. I have become an addict though… to hot yoga.
– Ana J

My doctor was shocked at my lowered blood pressure in only 2 months at HYU. I’m feeling great; I have better flexibility and am seeing great results! Thank you Hot Yoga University!
– Chuck W

I didn’t know I was following my inner wisdom that day in January when I first walked into HYU and saw you. I remember blurting out “I’m middle aged and just had a nervous breakdown and I’m wondering if this is the place for me? All I see is hard-bodies coming out of here. You opened your arms and your heart to me when you said “This is where you belong…

“The slow flow is akin to taking an hour long journey by yourself, holding your own hand along the way, and at the end you find a loving connection with your own body and mind. I always give as much as I can to those I love unconditionally and there is beauty in doing so, however, I forget to also give myself the same kind of love and attention. In this class you focus inward and connect with yourself through the guidance of our teacher Karin. She guides us to find love and devotion towards our self through the movements, Slow Flow replenishes our soul so we can give and love more deeply. I am grateful for taking the class.” ~Rafael M. 

I spent my evening with my lovely wife at Hot Yoga University and my first ever Yoga experience left me a little frustrated.
After I finished the Iron Yasa class I felt very foolish, fat, non-flexible, old dumb etc. etc. etc.
What I realized is that none of that is true… I am nothing more than inexperienced and by doing that class tonight I am one step closer to being experienced in yoga.
Thank you Heather and Nicole for pushing me to and through that class tonight. I hope that I will pursue this form of exercise because I saw a lot of people who had something that I want.
A closed mouth and an open mind are usually the best recipe for my big ego, as well as my insecure mind.
I am just glad to have friends and family who tolerate me as I’m trying to figure out life.
-Barty Q

I’ve been practicing hot yoga now for 3 months and I LOVE IT! I’ve never really dona any kind of yoga and have always struggled with my flexibility. Since practicing hot yoga at HYU 3-4 times a week i have noticed an overall increase in muscle strength, my body has slimmed down in stubborn places and my flexibility is 100x better! I have always been pretty active, I played multiple sports throughout junior high and high school and when I graduated I joined the Marines (HOORAH!)
After my time with the Marines, I looked for a work out that would help me stay fit and challenge my mind. Krav Maga fit the bill and helped improve my strength and endurance and i really enjoyed it. Now that my body is feeling the side effects of all these high impact activities I wanted to do something that still gave me a challenge and would help me stay in shape.
I have found this and much more. I love practicing hot yoga not just for the work out and the positive effects it has on my body, but for the calmness it brings to my mind. I feel positive and restored when I leave class and I’ve noticed the aches and pains of wear and tear and old injuries fading away.
Even my old whiplash injury from 2007 that usually requires a chiropractor once a month is non existent and I haven’t had a need to go to the gym. As much as I like the gym, we all know that sometimes it can feel like a drag getting there. I have yet to feel like that when it’s a yoga day.
I always look forward to attending my class and the feeling of accomplishment when I get out. Karin, the director of Hot Yoga University is very positive and nice as well as all the instructors and staff. It’s a great place to go practice and the price is very competitive. If you are looking for a good hot yoga studio I would highly recommend giving HYU a try.
-Jackie J

The poet Rumi explains my HYU experience better than I can: “Stop the words now, Open the center of your chest and let the spirits fly in the out” Turn off the voices/words in your mind, leave your fears at the door , focus on your instructor’s voice and concentrate on your body – I am at the far end of middle age, overweight with an injured knee, but I am strong, flexible and calmer than I?ve ever been. I am thankful every day for the spirit that guided me outside of my comfort zone and into HYU 2.5 years ago. namaste
– Lisa M.

The best compliment you can give to a business you support, like Hot Yoga University, is this. There are many factors that go into an evaluation when you are looking for services or products. It’s not only the fact that HYU has the BEST instructors/mentors to provide even a total novice like I was when I began, but they support you in every way beyond the practice. I believe I am speaking for the majority of us, that we consider everyone there family and have a special bond with the instructors, especially you, Karin and each other. That is the true example of a business you want to support and bring others on board. Thank you for helping me to find peace in my crazy world. And I look forward to my practices there and am so grateful for turning me into a Yogi Freak! It’s a title I am very proud of! 
-Linda B.

Hot Yoga University saved my life! As someone who was diagnosed with OCD and put on medications for it, I hated the feeling of being medicated and wanted to discover a new path, a naturopathic path, to helping with my OCD. Prior to my diagnosis I had been to Hot Yoga University and loved the classes and teachers, but would go very sporadically. With a new mission, I signed up for the 21 day habit and really gave it my all. Within those 21 days I saw a huge improvement in my energy levels, reduced symptoms of OCD, and an overall much better mood and quality of life. I continued going to HYU after the 21 day habit and also introduced the Yoga Nidra into my routine. The combination of the hot yoga classes, yoga nidra, and support of Karin and HYU teachers, 1 year after my diagnosis I was able to be completely off of all medication. Hot Yoga University is so different than any other studio I’ve been to. You can feel the clean air your breathing, you can connect with the positive vibrations of the teachers and other students, and truly change your life. I came to realize that HYU wasn’t just a business, it’s was a community. I would recommend HYU to anyone looking to change for the better, whether that is mentally, physically, or spiritually. This hot yoga studio has it all and I am very grateful the universe brought it into my life. 
Ashley B.

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