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Yoga Etiquette

  • Be on time. Please be in the room, on your mat before the teacher enters. Late yogis will not be allowed in.
  • Please make sure that your body, clothes and mat are clean and odor free. Please use deodorant and refrain from perfume, essential oils, cologne, cigarette smell, smoke and body odor, as some yogis are very sensitive. We want pure air to practice deep breathing.
  • Please have clean feet upon entering the yoga room.
  • Please leave shoes, street clothes and other personal belongings into the practice space. Place them in the cubbies or use the free locker rental provided in the changing rooms.
  • Please respect the silence in the yoga room before, during and after class by not talking in the yoga room.
  • If at any point in class you become overwhelmed take a break and sit down. Stay in the room to avoid sudden changes in temperature and to help your body acclimate to the heat.
  • Clean up your sweaty tracks in the hallways and shower puddles in the bathrooms, to ensure everyone’s safety in the studio.
  • Only mat towel and clear liquids (no glass please) allowed in yoga room.
  • Please enter and leave the yoga room quietly, being mindful that students may be meditating before and after class.