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Summer Bodies 6 Week Fitness Challenge starts 3/2/20

Summer Bodies Fitness Challenge

Summer bodies are made right now! Get the Fit Fab summer bod you want when you sign up for the SBFC Summer Bodies Fitness Challenge) 4 fitness style yoga classes each week, plus 1 regular yoga class of your choice for 6 amazing weeks. The challenge includes these classes: Hotfiit, Hot Pilates, Hot 90 and IronYasa. 30 classes in 42 days. $99 to join in! Sign up today!

New Year New You 21 Day Habit begins January 1st!

Start 2020 off on the right foot by joining the 21 Day Habit. You”ll have 30 days to complete 21 classes! -Only 1 class per day will count towards your goal of 21 classes.

Only $79 to join in!

This year we’ve added two BONUS rounds! When you complete 21 classes within the 30 day period you become eligible to do a second round- Habit2 of 21 classes in 30 days for the same great price! – $79 Complete round 2 within that 30 day period and can go one more round- Habit3 $79

That’s like 3 months of yoga for only $237!

Live your best life and your best 2020 with Yoga!

Come Party with us!

Holiday Glow Flow

7th Yogaversary Holiday GLOWGA!
Saturday 12/14/19 6-8pm
We are so ready for a Party!!!!

Celebrating our 7th Yogaversary!!
with a Holiday themed Glow Flow!
Join us for a high vibe uplifting Holiday themed non-heated Glow Flow in the Dark!
You’ll be guided by our very own Festival Yoga teacher extraordinaire- Effie and the amazing DJ Katy Riley spinning some fresh hip holiday beats.

Come by for a Meet and Greet with Santa, and get your photo taken! Enjoy cake and coffee on us!!

Our yogaversary event is a Free event but space is limited, so please reserve your spot online.
We will have, body paint, glow sticks and glow necklaces and you can bring your own too!
Wear your best neon colors!

*100 Day Live Your Best Life Project finishers will be recognized and have reserved status.
Celebrate 7 years with us and get your Holiday glow on!

5 Things I Learned When I Broke My Foot

Mar 14, 2020

Featured Image

As a yoga instructor, the health of your body is one of your most important assets. In my years of practicing, I have given gratitude for my body’s capabilities multiple times a day. I have people close to me with mobility issues, and it has been heartbreaking to see really active people struggle with knee and foot pains that hampered their ability to do what they love the most, like […]

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You are responsible for your experiences…

Feb 26, 2020

Featured Image

I can honestly say the start of this new year I have not been showing up each day as my best self. I have been feeling this sense of dissatisfaction with my daily efforts. Lets be honest sometimes it is truly hard to get and stay motivated. I know for me personally, I get so carried away going through the motions day by day that I forget that I am […]

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Change often comes through crisis…

Jan 28, 2020

Featured Image

“Its usually when things in our life begin to fall apart that we finally realize there’s got to be a different way of doing things. We have to be shaken up. At first its frightening. It seems like a disaster, but it opens the door that allows us in to a deeper level of understanding, awareness, and growth. All of us find this process happening over and over again. As […]

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I fell asleep before midnight…

Jan 01, 2020

Featured Image

I fell asleep before midnight… Last night was NYE and it definitely did not go as planned. I did not post my 2019 recap to Instagram or finish my vision board. I did not get to count down and toast it up with my best friends, hell I didn’t even stay awake until midnight.  Despite the night not going as planned, I know I woke up exactly as I should […]

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The pursuit of happiness

Oct 02, 2019

Featured Image

This week my close friend asked me to make a list of ten things I love to do that make me truly happy. In doing so I realized I do not delegate a lot of time in my life for myself and the things I love to do.  For example practicing yoga brings me a level of joy and peace that I haven’t experienced before, yet I have not made […]

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Go with the Flow

Sep 08, 2019

Featured Image

“ Standing still in rushing water takes a lot of effort it may feel safer than letting the river of life take us where it will be, but if we are too rigid and stuck in our ways we may be missing out on true happiness. “  I have had created many different versions of myself through out the years. Based on who I thought should be or beliefs that […]

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I missed Hatha today…and the world didn’t end.

Aug 25, 2019

Featured Image

This morning my usual 27 minute drive to HYU was extended to 32 minutes due to the lovely 101 construction. This extension caused me to miss my favorite Hatha class taught by my favorite yoga instructor Karin by just 4 minutes. Now if you know me this is not only my favorite class but actually the only class I ever take here. (I have grown some weird spiritual connection to […]

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My First Time…

Aug 22, 2019

Featured Image

My first time at HYU was for a HOTFIT class. I was invited to by a friend and to be quite honest I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve always thought I was athletic but I quickly learned hot yoga took a different type of discipline and athleticism. As I struggled through class I quickly identified the different “phases.” I went through in hopes to make it to the end.  […]

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Meet Brittney our new blogger!

Aug 07, 2019

Featured Image

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Susan Jeffers Once it was announced that I was going to be blogging for HYU this fear of failure has overcome me. It has gripped my fingers, blocked my mind and prevented me from writing an entry. Writing has always come naturally to me, but now that there was an expectation of me I think I some what started to doubt my ability […]

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Sacred Women’s Circle

Jun 21, 2019

Featured Image

We are honored to offer the opportunity to experience the powerful medicine of women’s sacred community with new moon. There is evidence that women gathering together in spiritual ritual gatherings as early as 300,000 years ago in Middle Paleolithic societies. Actual evidence is found that communities gathering for spiritual and shamanic experience have been evidenced over 30,000 years ago to tribes and communities to connect through ritual, story-telling, dance and […]

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