The pursuit of happiness

This week my close friend asked me to make a list of ten things I love to do that make me truly happy. In doing so I realized I do not delegate a lot of time in my life for myself and the things I love to do. 

For example practicing yoga brings me a level of joy and peace that I haven’t experienced before, yet I have not made the time to practice like I should. As a business owner and a mother it’s easy to get caught up in the to-do’s of life. I am finding by the time I finish my tasks for the day I have little or no time for myself. Just as important as it is to prioritize work, family, school etc. it is equally important to prioritize the things that make me happy as well. 

This week I challenge you to write a list of things that make you truly happy and reflect on how often you are or can incorporate these things into your everyday life. You only get one life to live and one body to take you through it…Be gentle with yourself.

Make time for you and the things that you love to do. 

& Remember self care is the best care.