Go with the Flow

“ Standing still in rushing water takes a lot of effort it may feel safer than letting the river of life take us where it will be, but if we are too rigid and stuck in our ways we may be missing out on true happiness. “ 

I have had created many different versions of myself through out the years. Based on who I thought should be or beliefs that were projected by others. Many times it would be going against what the universe had planned for me.

It wasn’t until I let go of those projections and started allowing the universe guide me that I found I was much happier with who I was becoming. I have learned in a sense to not stand in rushing waters and instead go with the flow and trust the process.

I want to bring this same flow and fluidity to my mat. In my practice I often find myself being self critical when I am not able to hold the poses as long as others. Unintentionally I fall into this habit of comparing often. This week in my practice I am deciding to let go of comparison and perfection and focusing on bringing fluidity to my mat. Going with the flow and being gentle with myself. “Gentleness prevails over hardness.” Each day I plan to show up to my mat ready to do my personal best and accepting what that may be that day. 

This week I challenge you to reflect on anything that may be holding you back in your practice and declaring to let it go and flow.