Sacred Women’s Circle

We are honored to offer the opportunity to experience the powerful medicine of women’s sacred community with new moon. There is evidence that women gathering together in spiritual ritual gatherings as early as 300,000 years ago in Middle Paleolithic societies. Actual evidence is found that communities gathering for spiritual and shamanic experience have been evidenced over 30,000 years ago to tribes and communities to connect through ritual, story-telling, dance and music. We are proud to continue this time honored tradition, on last Saturday of each month.

“Your friends might know you a certain way, but as you grow, you change, and they might not see that or be comfortable with that. But in these circles, you show up as you.”

  • A sacred space honoring the uniqueness of each individual
  • Everyone is equal
  • It’s a confidential safe space, where you can speak from your heart
  • Listening is directed to both individuals who are speaking and the themes, connections, wisdom & energy that is emerging within the context created
  • It’s a container that can hold diverse perspectives
  • It’s a space for you to tell your stories, talk about your roles, gifts, concerns & visions.
  • It’s a space for you to create the future you desire

Go with the flow and trust it to yield exactly what you need. Let the world fall away for a couple hours each month and fill your cup.

Everything good that is created from being together will be amplified, with the benefits flowing out as blessings to our loved ones, communities, and to the world.

Space is limited, reserve your spot on the Mindbody app or at the studio $20

Sacred Women’s Circle