I fell asleep before midnight…

I fell asleep before midnight…

Last night was NYE and it definitely did not go as planned. I did not post my 2019 recap to Instagram or finish my vision board. I did not get to count down and toast it up with my best friends, hell I didn’t even stay awake until midnight. 

Despite the night not going as planned, I know I woke up exactly as I should be: healthy happy and whole. I am feeling renewed and ready to take on the next 365 days. There is just something so refreshing about waking up early on January 1. This day is fill with so many promises and opportunities, a clean slate if you will. 

As we enter into the new year with clear perspective and a fresh start remember not to put too much pressure on yourself this year. As my favorite Yogi Karin would say….Do your best not your most. 

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope see you all on the mat!