Change often comes through crisis…

“Its usually when things in our life begin to fall apart that we finally realize there’s got to be a different way of doing things. We have to be shaken up. At first its frightening. It seems like a disaster, but it opens the door that allows us in to a deeper level of understanding, awareness, and growth. All of us find this process happening over and over again. As soon as we’ve healed ourselves on one level something else will happened to take us to the next level.”

This passage was read in class by my favorite yogi Karin and a wave of emotions took over me. In that moment I realized not just how much I have been through and overcome, but ultimately how those things have allowed me to grow and blossom into who I am today.

In the beginning of 2016 I was in a very toxic relationship that nearly destroyed my life. It took a huge turn for the worse and by the end of that relationship not only was I homeless I was also struggling with a severe drug addiction. I hid this addiction from everyone close to me. In fact until this day almost everyone in my life was unaware. I disconnected from my family, my friends, and I disassociated myself from my core beliefs. During this time you can say I hit rock bottom. Looking back now it was in that moment I really got to plant my feet to bounce back like never before.

By the end of 2016 I decided I wanted to take my life back. I found a job and saved every penny to get me off of my friends couch and in my spare time to keep my mind occupied and away from using  I started monetizing my hobby of applying makeup. A few short months later I was able to afford my own place and I decided to turn my “hobby” into a real business. In April of 2017 I launch Caked By B Glam Studio. Fast forward 3 years later Caked has allowed me to quit my regular job and continue my life SOBER, as a full-time entrepreneur.

For years I have been ashamed of this period in my life. Today without shame I openly talk about how overcoming addiction and homelessness has contributed so much into who I am today. In the moments you are going through things you do not truly know how they are shaping your future.

Be willing to learn from every experience and you have no choice but to grow.