I missed Hatha today…and the world didn’t end.

This morning my usual 27 minute drive to HYU was extended to 32 minutes due to the lovely 101 construction. This extension caused me to miss my favorite Hatha class taught by my favorite yoga instructor Karin by just 4 minutes. Now if you know me this is not only my favorite class but actually the only class I ever take here. (I have grown some weird spiritual connection to Hatha and Karin and I always have “break throughs” in these classes so I make it a point “not” to try any “new” ones). Luckily there was a non heated Vinyasa Flow class starting at 9:15 so my drive would not be a complete waste. I was still upset to the point that I was going to turn around and go home, but I didn’t because I already “wasted” the miles. 

I took my mat and my attitude into class and was met by a bubbly instructor by the name of Lexy. Lexy started the class sharing how she had been working on attachment the past week. She went on to talk about how we attach ourselves to people friendships jobs etc. and allow these attachments to define us. In some cases we look for validation in them and use that validation or lack there of to measure our self worth. We make up these false realities due to these attachments when in reality we don’t need them, we are whole and enough just as we are wherever we are. 

In that very moment I realized I was exactly were I was suppose to be. I had attached myself to a belief that these breakthroughs I was having on my mat were caused by a specific instructor and class. When in reality it was my own personal growth since starting to practice. 

The universe always has a way of forcing me out of my comfort zone. I’m learning to love the growth that takes place there. 

I challenge you to reflect on the things you may be attached to and make a conscious effort to release. ????

Thank Lex for an amazing class.