We Are Open!

Hello HYU Family,

We are officially open! And we cannot thank you enough for supporting us through this process and making our re-opening absolutely amazing. As our first couple days are under our belt, we wanted to share some studio updates. 🙂

Thank You for Helping
So far everyone has been incredible with following the not so convenient CDC safety guidelines and protocols we have put in place and we really appreciate you for that. Thank you for doing your part to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable in the studio. 🙂

Class Sizes
Due to the city and state COVID restrictions our classes are limited to 20 students per class for now. Because of this, classes are filling up quick. Please be sure to schedule your classes in advance. If you wait too close to class time, you may be put on the waitlist and/or not be able to get into a class. That means someone will need to cancel their spot for you to get in.

In order to accommodate as many students as possible, if a class fills up you will be placed on a waitlist based on a first come, first served order. If someone who booked the class cancels, you will get an email letting you know you have been removed from the waitlist and added to the class. If you are on a waitlist, be sure to check your email for the notification.

Cancellations and Missed Classes
If you book a class and need to cancel, please do so within 12 hours of the class time. If you don’t cancel before the 12 hour window, you will be billed $10 for the spot you reserved.

– If you booked a $10 drop-in, your drop-in will be forfeited.
– If you are on the VIP Unlimited pass, you will be charged $10 for the missed class.

It really pains us to do this, but we have to in order to be fair to everyone and serve our community as best possible. If students are waitlisted for classes and others aren’t showing up to class, those spots are going unused and that really stinks for those students wanting to attend. We hope you understand, and we hope we get back to larger class sizes sooner than later so we can move on from this happening.

VIP Memberships
We have been getting a lot of messages about the VIP Memberships. If you previously had a VIP membership and would like it reactivated, simply let us know to reactivate it and we will take care of it for you.
If you want to purchase a VIP membership and haven’t had one previously, simply sign up in the Mindbody App, at the studio, or contact us and we will get you set up. 🙂

To wrap this up, thank you so much for making our re-opening nothing short of amazing. None of this is possible without you and we are extremely grateful for your support.

If you haven’t been back to the studio yet, you can view our schedule here and sign up for classes right on the website, or you can download the Mindbody app and register for classes there too.

We hope to see you soon!

With Love and Gratitude,
HYU Tribe