My First Time…

My first time at HYU was for a HOTFIT class. I was invited to by a friend and to be quite honest I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve always thought I was athletic but I quickly learned hot yoga took a different type of discipline and athleticism. As I struggled through class I quickly identified the different “phases.” I went through in hopes to make it to the end. 

The 4 Phases of Hot Yoga.  

Phase 1: (15 mins into class) I question my entire existence as a human being and wonder if I am literally going to die in front of all these people I do not know. My body feels like it burning literally from the inside out. 

Phase 2: (30 minutes into class) I look over to my friend Jessika who has dragged me to this crazy place and give her the, “I’m going to walk out of this class right now and I don’t care what you have to say glare.” She also looks like she is ready to meet her maker.

Phase 3: (57 mins into class) I have made the conscious decision to pass out because clearly that is my only way out of this self torture I elected to participate in. Just moments before I take my “final breath” the lights are switched off, the fans switched on, and my body is met with a light mist of lavender. Says to self “Self you are a bad ass!”

Phase 4: (Post Class) I am super confident that 10 pounds have been lost during class and have to capture the moment via photograph. (Pictured Below).

You would be surprised the things the body can do once you conquer the mind.

 “ I have control of my breath therefore I have control of my mind.”