We are Family

A Huge thank you to our yoga family for your enthusiasm and support this weekend! It was a blast!

I love this photo because it shows a little of everything we are separately and together!

1) Family: Roy and I are proud to be a local, family owned business and we love having a very visible presence at the studio. There is also always someone in our family running around at the studio, from our grandkids -that have pretty much grown up here, to our daughter who runs the day to day operations, to her hubby that does everything else in between! Having our own families, we understand the challenges of family life; so everything we do from pricing to class styles, to class times, comes from a place of valuing the preciousness of family life.

2) Teachers: I can’t say they are mine, but I am very grateful they call HYU home. We work together pretty seamlessly for the greater good and to make each student feel they belong. The teachers are also a very good mirror and help me to grow with each passing day.

3) Friends: The friendships formed from students over the years, mean a lot to me. I simply love hanging out with students before and after class. When it comes down to it, we are all much more alike than we are different. We all want the same basic things; to be happy, free and safe.

At Hot Yoga University, we All come together, to be one; one family, one tribe, one unit… Getting healthy together, learning about ourselves together and encouraging each other together. This way of thinking and acting helps us to understand each other and those around us; which ultimately makes our world a better place.


Karin xx